Hey guys, I'm looking to do a group purchase of x-ray film in Central-Eastern Canada. Due to declining sales, Carestream will only sell EB-RA x-ray film by the case now, which constitutes 4 boxes of 100 sheets of 8x10 film. I can't afford to pay for a whole case, since it comes out to 592$ CAD after shipping and sales tax. At 148$ per box, that's a hell of a savings over nearly any other film available for purchase in Canada. It is also cheaper to get it from Carestream in Canada than to pay the post exchange rate price, courier, and brokerage fees with ZZ Medical. Broken down into 400 sheets of 4x5, you're looking at only 37 cents Canadian per sheet. EB/RA has very favourable characteristics for normal photography, despite its orthochromacy, including its fine grain and high acutance. Is there anyone in the Montreal Greater Area and it surroundings (Cornwall, Ottawa, Trois-Rivieres, etc.) who would like to participate in a group purchase with me?