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    Hello All - Kahlil here. I am a photographer/artist that is making the jump to LFP. I recently bought a Speed Graphic, with two lens, several film holders.
    This forum was recommended to me by John O, an experienced LF Photographer. He spent several hours explaining the concepts, techniques, and processes of LFP.
    I left our meeting - with a listing of books to read, lens that had been tested, and loaded film holders. Although, I am very excited about developing new skills and greater depth to my photographic practice, the spirit of camaraderie is second to none! Looking forward to becoming an active participant on the forum.

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    Re: Looking forward to learning

    Keep in mind it's all easier to do than the books make you think. There's a lot of videos on YouTube also.

    Kent in SD
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    Re: Looking forward to learning

    Just jump right in and do it however you think is easiest

    Then it gets harder with all our advice...

    If you like youtube videos and I do, try this member here, he makes very good video, he is NOT naked

    Try this one first

    The Naked Photographer everything so far!
    sin eater

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