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Thread: FB Enlarging paper availability at B&H

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    Re: FB Enlarging paper availability at B&H

    Quote Originally Posted by reddesert View Post

    In the early 90s before they opened the current superstore/showroom, IIRC, B&H had a smaller storefront near 6th Av that was basically a counter where most of the goods were in the back, and there was less to gawk at. You went up to the counter (I think it was always crowded), told them what you needed, and someone picked the order for you and it came out from the back. There were things on display in the front, but a tiny fraction of what they carried.
    I remember even earlier (late 70's) way downtown where they had a very dark place lit only by dim single light bulbs dangling on wires here and there, and chicken wire lined pen like areas to divide, and nasty salesmen who didn't give you attention, and when they did, demanded you buy something that very second!!!

    I was there with someone, and we both were a little afraid, when the help threw the item on the rickety counter, and demanded money... I asked if there was a USA warranty, and he snapped " YES", but I asked to see it, and he cursed as he dug through the box to find a half faded xerox of a warranty card in Farsi... I said NO, and left... Went uptown and found another and swore NEVER to shop there again!!!

    Glad to see they cleaned up their act, but have only ordered a filter or two from them since...

    Steve K

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    Re: FB Enlarging paper availability at B&H

    I've visited the 9th Avenue store several times in the last 8 years or so and found the salespeople very professional
    and the experience pain-free.

    I buy most of what I get from them online and have no complaints about their customer service.

    A visit is definitely worthwhile if you're in town, just for the spectacle of the place, and especially for the little trains
    that run around the place carrying boxes from the storeroom to whichever sales person called for it.

    The only thing I've seen that's similar is Yodobashi Camera in Osaka, but I'd recommend bringing foam ear plugs
    if you plan to visit them. Last time I was there they had a good collection of both used and new LF equipment,
    but the "company song" playing over the PA system can make it difficult to concentrate.
    Where are we going?
    And why are we in this handbasket?

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    Re: FB Enlarging paper availability at B&H

    "Trip down memory lane" time it seems.. About 25 years ago during my first visit to NYC I visited 47st Photo, a funny place with a lot of counters and the staff beeing all orthodox Jews, going up and down ladders to pick up the goods you wanted to see and buy. They were friendly and I bought a Tiltall tripod and a Minolta Spot meter, which I still have. Also went Lens and Repro (?) as well as a big store the name I forgot, but the guy behind the counter was using a black felt pen to make second hand black Nikons look "nicer"... Tried to buy a Minox in those abundant photo annex suitcase shops, but the staff was extremy rude, so I didn't..

    Oh well



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    Re: FB Enlarging paper availability at B&H

    I remember that place in the 70's, had to walk side ways to get down the isles, haha, just to get to certain place, have not visited their new store. No reason to go there.

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