I am looking at the Ranger rX for location work portraits with my 8x10 camera where there is no electrical. It is the now old style portable flash with the heavy battery. But I am thinking the whole 8x10 outfit is heavy anyway and the extra five lbs for the old style ( but new from the store) is not the biggest issue. With the 10 8x10 holders, the tripod, the Wood field camera. Light stands and boxes there is easily 60 lbs so adding another 11 lbs with this high output flash is not that bad. I mean I know the Elinchrom ELB 1200 will be five lbs , but the coast is almost $4000 more when I figure in tax.

I need the 1100 WS to "overpower" the sun and get to a reasonable F16 when shooting E6 in my 8x10.

Have you done this ? What was your experience?

Thank You