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Thread: How do you store / organize your negs?

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    How do you store / organize your negs?

    I am trying nowadays to put the darkroom back into some sort of order, after being so bogged up with work for over a year that I almost never went into, and after clearing a huge backlog of undeveloped negatives the dilemma struck once again. How to store them - by which I don't mean the brand of properties of neg. sleeves, I've got those sorted out, but more about, how to you store those "sleeved" negatives? Folders? Organizers? Boxes?

    My MF negs are in printfile sleeves and binders, but I mostly shoot half plate nowadays, put those negs in single 5x7 sleeves and they have the tendency to make a mess... Tried envelopes and used boxes but not much success... What are you doing to keep your negs protected, tidy and yet "find-able"?

    Thank you
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    Re: How do you store / organize your negs?

    Mine go into glassine sheets (four 5x4's per page, one 120/35mm roll per sheet) and then into stackable storage drawers.


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    Re: How do you store / organize your negs?

    Sheet film goes in envelopes in a box, sorted by date. Kind of crappy, but I'm too lazy to do it properly. One envelope per shoot/session. If it gets wet, I loose my stuff. Most of it is junk anyway!

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    Re: How do you store / organize your negs?

    Up to 8x10 negatives stored in printfile or similar pages in 3 ring binders in my basement darkroom. 11x14 negatives in archival paper envelopes in archival boxes. Glass plates in archival paper envelopes stacked on a shelf. Fortunately humidity runs 35-40% for most of the year. In summer I run a dehumidifier which keeps the humidity at around 45%. Am very, very fortunate to have a relatively dry basement here in the woods on the side of a hill in southern New England. Less than a 1/4 of a mile away on the side of the same hill, the basements actually have a little bit of running water running through their basements for most of the year. Passed up on one of those houses when we bought our for that one reason.

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    Re: How do you store / organize your negs?

    I cull a lot of film, keepers go in envelopes marked with date, 2x3 goes in glassine

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    Re: How do you store / organize your negs?

    I use 3-ring binders with the date range sharpied on the spine.

    Inside alternates proof contact sheets with the printfile pages. I write on the printfile pages... Such things as lens choice, date, location. I don't think it's too important to keep a ton of data. Same process for medium format.

    After a year or so in my darkroom the binders go to a shelf in my garage where it is dehumidified for safer keeping.

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    Re: How do you store / organize your negs?

    The 5x7 film goes into these:

    and those go into these:

    All the data for the negative gets written in pencil on the flap of the 4-fold envelopes. If I have several negatives of the same scene, I will put up to four negatives in one 4-fold envelope, with a tissue paper between each neg. Boxes are loaded based on place and year.

    My annual volume of LF negatives is not very high -- I use this system for 4x5, 5x7 and 8x10 -- I need to work out something for 11x14.
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    Re: How do you store / organize your negs?

    I'm using stackable, fully enclosed Leitz letter tray: They're wide enough for 120/135 pergamin sheets and the drawer slides out completely.
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    Re: How do you store / organize your negs?

    3 ring binder with Print file sleeves chronologically. each negative or roll gets a number in the margins - and I keep a running database so I can print a table of contents for the notebook. I sometimes write on the Printfile sleeve things like VC Grade, density, or a start if a negative I wish to return to. My exposure and development notes are on 3x5 cards filed chronologically in a file box. I can generally put my hands on any negative or info easily.
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    Re: How do you store / organize your negs?

    In the 1980s I kept the film in plastic sheets in ring binders. I don't make 'proof prints,' I use a loupe on a light table to view the negatives.
    In the 1990s I started putting the film in the plastic sheets that accept a rod to hang. I think hanging the film is better than the ring binders. I hang the film in this type of storage bin.
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