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Great images Thom and they bring back old memories. The bridge in the last image struck me as being the bridge over the Industrial Canal on Chef Menteur so I googled it (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Danziger_Bridge and it is - only its the new replacement bridge constructed in the 1980's. I must have drove over the old bridge several hundred times. Along with the Sanger theatre, Lowes State Theatre, and the RKO Orpheum, the Joy ranks was the top movie theatres in New Orleans when I was growing-up. I saw The Sting which featured the music of Scott Joplin which resulted in the revival of ragtime music at the Joy and along with every kid in New Orleans I saw the Ten Commandments at the Orpheum. We were bussed there by the schools - mandatory attendance as New Orleans back then was 99% Roman Catholic. The 3d image up looks like it could be a view across Canal street to the "American Sector" near Camp and Canal. In the early days of photography Camp & Canal street was a hub of photography where numerous photography studios were located.

Anyway, thanks for the posting.

Yep, you nailed all the locations! You'd probably enjoy Michael Zell's book.