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Thread: Trip to Huntsville AL

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    Re: Trip to Huntsville AL

    Quote Originally Posted by Corran View Post
    Now is the season where hundreds or thousands of sandhill cranes are there,
    Excellent, think about rolling up to the Hiwassee as well--you'll probably be a little early for the festival (mid-January) but I'm sure they're thick on the ground even now (apparently there's an overwintering population of sandhills that adds to the count, too.)

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    Re: Trip to Huntsville AL

    My mom is a birder and so we'll probably spend a good chunk of time at Wheeler, then see what else is around. She actually lives near the Mississippi Sandhill Crane Preserve in south MS - a slight variation that is endangered. I've never seen one in the flesh myself, despite having gone to the preserve numerous times. Sandhills are interesting - and apparently good eating for some out west!
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    Re: Trip to Huntsville AL

    Thanks for suggesting the Wheeler Wildlife Refuge. It sounds interesting.
    Ron McElroy

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    Re: Trip to Huntsville AL

    If you go to Wheeler for the cranes the best times would be either sunrise before the flights to find food and evening when they return to roost in the water. They can't swim, so they'll be in the shallow areas. If they are in the area you'll be able to hear them. Here is some audio I recorded at Bosque del Apache a couple of years ago.

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    Re: Trip to Huntsville AL

    Corran, you might want to go thru Scottsboro and check out the Unclaimed Baggage Center.

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    Re: Trip to Huntsville AL

    Thank you for all your tips. I'm already looking forward to the trip and hope to find enough time for leisure.

    @ Bob: Thank you for the link to John. The pictures actually show a very beautiful Alabama. Yet I consider his black-and-white pictures to be artistically and technically much more beautiful.

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    Re: Trip to Huntsville AL

    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Salomon View Post
    Left out his web site:
    I participated in a workshop put on by John in the spring nearly two years ago at the Little River Canyon and Little River Falls in DeKalb County. It's a beautiful area and I learned from the workshop. I brought a 4x5 along with my digital gear and he was please to see that.

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    Re: Trip to Huntsville AL

    If im not to late to the party, Wheeler is wonderful its just west of the city and Little River is about an hour and a half away. We also have the rare and endangered mom and pop camera store called Southerland's Photo, they have a nice selection of pre owned film and digital, they also sell color and BW 35mm/120 and 4x5 but BW only. They still have a in house darkroom for BW.

    If you wanna grab a drink or need a lift to wheeler shoot me a DM im local.

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