I'm shooting a roll of it right now, including a number of very carefully done color chart tests under different light and filtration conditions. The whole point is to understand its potential before sheet film arrives, and in what specific respects it might or might not differ from the previous E100G. As for "little birds", quite a few of them get eaten by cats, especially when Kodak news releases are involved. But eventually, a bird from the remaining flock might arrive with an actual box of sheet film in its beak. Digital color just doesn't cut it for me. But regardless, I already have stacks of 4x5 and 8x10 chrome images to choose from, and if considered worthy, I make printing internegs.
Going forward, that has to compete for my limited time and funds with direct color neg printing, plus black and white. So, I'm in no panic for a new sheet product, but will welcome it if and when it arrives.