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Thread: Indexing Outstanding Forum Threads

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    Re: Indexing Outstanding Forum Threads

    Perhaps this can start like Dan's list of optic information, an external list in the cloud that is linked in the first post of a public thread.

    So it would be a normal thread in what anyboby may suggest an addition, then the lists managers would add the link in the right section of the list.

    If there are contributions to the list often then the thread will bump to prominence often, so it would have visibility.

    Later if the list reaches quality enough perhaps it could be considered placing it in the resources list, perhaps.

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    Re: Indexing Outstanding Forum Threads

    Perhaps a separately hosted, read only, archive of "outstanding threads"? I can imagine the great old threads you refer to becoming immediately polluted by the increasing number of newbies who never do their homework first.

    If that sounds a little like "get off my lawn" ? I'll own it.
    Tracy Storer
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