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Thread: E6/Positive LF film?

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    Re: E6/Positive LF film?

    I contacted an acquaintance who is a rising landscape photographic star and shoots LF. He helped put it in perspective for me - at least there's still film to be had, and what's out there is great quality. The cost is just part of the hobby/expense of doing business.

    I agree, just preferred it when it was a bit more affordable, at least for those like me who are just starting out in LF and still need to make a lot of mistakes before hitting their stride.

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    Drew Wiley
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    Re: E6/Positive LF film?

    I preferred it when it was a LOT more affordable than now. Even the stockpile in my freezer was bought at about a third the going rate. But quality-wise, films are better than ever.

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    Re: E6/Positive LF film?

    Latest rumour I heard is 120 E100 is coming soon, but 4x5 is still another year away. No mention of 8x10, which I don't think is on Kodaks want list at the moment. They'll decide that after they see how the 4x5 stuff sells.

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    Re: E6/Positive LF film?

    Today Kodak Alaris announced release within 10 days for 120 and 4x5".
    4x5" shooters are not all shooting on 8x10", and vice versa.
    So looking at 4x5" sales could not be telling the whole truth about the marketing chances of 8x10".
    I own the gear, but those don't make masterpieces. My everyday experience.

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