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Thread: 24 inch lens on Chamonix 8x10

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    Re: 24 inch lens on Chamonix 8x10

    I have used a 24" on my Zone VI 8x10 many times with no problems whatsoever. Fortunately the Chamonix, based on my experience with their 11x14, should be able to use the lens just as easy if not easier.
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    Re: 24 inch lens on Chamonix 8x10

    I have a Chamonix 8x10 and use the original Manfrotto version of this support for longer lenses:

    It installs quickly and is small enough and light enough to carry easily.
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    Re: 24 inch lens on Chamonix 8x10

    Less weight and leverage on the front standard would be preferable. That's why I use a Fuji 600C. Unfortunately, that's one of the lenses that have gotten quite expensive on the used market. I bought mine new when they were still reasonably priced. An Apo Nikkor 600 would do nicely; but you'd have to find and fit a big shutter for it. Artars in shutter would do, but be somewhat heavy. Depends on your application. A contact printer can get away with a lot more than a critical enlargement, where a tiny bit of shutter vibration can somewhat undermine even the best of optical designs.

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    Re: 24 inch lens on Chamonix 8x10

    Another consideration is with regards to the weight and distance that weight is from the lens board.

    I have a 325mm f4.5 and a 36cm f4.5 both in barrels that "automatically" provide some front tilt when mounted on my Deardorff V8, as a result of the axis tilt.

    Have an "L" bracket I use to constrain the tilt to what I want, not what the lens "wants"...

    Not certain the configuration of the Chamonix.

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    Re: 24 inch lens on Chamonix 8x10

    Rich Iím in SLC and have a chamonix 8X10, and run lenses in that weight range without issues. Drop me a message if you want to drop by and check out the camera in person.

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