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Thread: Intellifaucet D250 - sticking valves

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    Re: Intellifaucet D250 - sticking valves

    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Salomon View Post
    Is Home Depot in the UK?
    Nope, but I'll bet one can find phosphoric acid in many places.

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    Re: Intellifaucet D250 - sticking valves

    Odd as it sounds, try denture cleaning tablets.

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    Re: Intellifaucet D250 - sticking valves

    Hi Tom

    Sticking valves are frequently caused by buildup of calcium from hard water or rust deposits.

    We are happy to repair any units, no matter how old. However, you can usually fix this quite easily yourself and save a ton of money.

    Uninstall the unit and lay down in a sink or tray. Plug the inlet pipes. Pour a mild acid solution into the outlet pipe until full. Solutions can include Lime Away, CLR, citric acid solution or even stop bath solution. Let soak for a few hours, rinse with fresh water and reinstall.

    This has been very successful for almost all of my customers.

    Dave Hass
    Hass Manufacturing Company
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    Quote Originally Posted by Tom Kershaw View Post
    I have an Intellifaucet D250 that has suffered from sticking valves (I'm in a hard water area - but all my darkroom water goes through a filter) recently - last weekend I soaked the hot and cold inlet lines with 6% acetic acid for 48 hours and when re-plumbed on Monday evening the machine worked perfectly. However today the valves have started sticking again.

    I'm going to investigate further but has anyone else experienced this? - noting that when soaked in the vinegar the valves where in the closed position and perhaps I need to manually manipulate them somehow to dislodge some crud. As I'm in England I'd like to get the unit working again without posting off to the USA for servicing.


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    Re: Intellifaucet D250 - sticking valves

    Thank you!

    and Welcome to this forum!
    sin eater


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