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Thread: Travelers: New X-ray machines WILL ruin your film

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    Travelers: New X-ray machines WILL ruin your film

    Quote Originally Posted by Bob Salomon View Post
    You mean for sheet film? Or roll film?
    For sheet film. Like a 4x5 or 8x10 light-tight sleeve of sorts. After shooting one could easily slide the film sheets it in that. One could still carry that it in a box (so that it doesn’t get all bent and stuff during transport) but then the box could be safely opened and the sleeve handled/touched (with care of course) to show its just paper-like inside.
    Obviously it also has to be clean and the material inside be the right one to not scratch film, or be sandwiched in some thin cardboard...

    Surely some company thought of this before and manufactured and sold something like that?

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    Re: Travelers: New X-ray machines WILL ruin your film

    Some bad things can be made into sheet, roll, stacks of sheets, sealing tape is easy to fake

    I doubt hand search will be offered much longer

    We all have too many threats appearing

    Mail it, while we can...
    sin eater

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    Re: Travelers: New X-ray machines WILL ruin your film

    They could always hypothetically have a low-dose X-Ray unit on hand to see into such things; doubt they'd bother. Last thing I'd ever want is someone opening a box and actually handling sheet film, even in total darkness - do you expect to hire experienced LF darkroom workers to do that, and have them just sitting around for three weeks until they're needed? We'll all soon be waiting in line at the taxidermy shop to get stuffed and put in some arcane history museum diorama of our own.

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