Hi, I just picked up an Epson V-750 scanner and I've never had a scanner before because I have always printed in the darkroom.

We are downsizing and it looks like scanning is my option for the future. I am sad about it, but I want to keep creating, so I plan to just roll with it and move forward.

I was hoping I could get some straight advice about scanning resolution on the Epson V-750 scanner here from the group.

Question 1 - What is the point of no return on the resolution when scanning 4x5 film with this scanner?

Based on what I could find, it appears 2400 DPI may be the optical max resolution and then it goes to some form of digital interprolation after this?

I assume the quality degrades after the optical max, but I don't want to just assume this.

I have read so many conflicting opinions about all of this via "google", my head is spinning.

I am hoping for some clear answers from this knowledgable group here.

My goal is to be able to make 40x50 prints from my 4x5 negatives that I plan to wet mount scan on the V-750.

Question 2 - Is there a next step up above the Epson V700/800 flatbed in terms of resolution and quality without getting an old drum scanner?

Thank you.