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Thread: I'd like to see them make . . . .

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    Re: I'd like to see them make . . . .

    Or maybe a meter with a fold-out corkscrew.

    Ansel Adams had the Zone System...

    Minor White had the Zen System...

    I could try the Zin System...
    "I love my Verito lens, but I always have to sharpen everything in Photoshop..."

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    Re: I'd like to see them make . . . .

    Quote Originally Posted by mdarnton View Post
    .....a camera bag from the same people who designed and manufactured the Tardis, of course.
    Complete with an anti-gravity compartment....of course


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    Re: I'd like to see them make . . . .

    A light-weight rolling camera case large enough for a bulky 8x10, holders, lenses and assorted crap, with big wheels for hauling over rocks and branches, rigid enough to sit on when closed.

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    Re: I'd like to see them make . . . .

    Quote Originally Posted by Mark Sawyer View Post
    I want to invent a spot-meter with an integral bottle-opener. You know, something practical we can all use...
    Actually, that is the kind of thinking that can result in something innovative and useful. The Leatherman multi-tool started with something much like that and founded an industry. The israili Army did, in fact, design a bottle opener into a new rifle, so there we are.

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    Thought of the day:
    I'd like to see them make a cart, a bit like a golf bag car ,that stands up a little straighter when at rest and conveniently extends tripod legs. Mobile enough to travel over ground like a gofl course rough and stout enough to: (1) carry my 20-30 pounds of gear and (2) hold my 4x5 camera steady.
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