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Thread: Kim Weston Nude Workshop

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    Re: Kim Weston Nude Workshop

    Thanks Karl & Thom. That is the kind of feedback I was hoping to get. I'm likely to sign up for the next workshop, probably bring the Nikon D800 & Rollei 6008.

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    Re: Kim Weston Nude Workshop

    Quote Originally Posted by Thom Bennett View Post
    Finally, being on Wildcat Hill was practically a spiritual experience for me.
    Although I have no experience with Kim's workshops, the above comment by Thom prompted my reply. I first visited Wildcat Hill with my parents starting in 1949, until shortly before Edward died in 1958. Those visits were the inspiration for my life in photography. In this excerpt from my book I wrote:

    "On a spring afternoon in 2006 I visited the little house with the big mood, accompanied by Brett's daughter Erica. Edward's grandson Kim and his wife Gina were our gracious hosts. A half-century had passed since my last visit to Wildcat Hill, and thanks to the respect of Kim and Gina, the little house looked remarkably familiar --- the table and skylight, the cat door, a print of Pepper #30 over the fireplace, Brett's sculptures and Edward's Mexican artifacts, the captain's chair and the desk all remained. It was a strange yet wonderful feeling to be back. I thought of those family visits during the 1950's --- of Edward, Brett, Dody, Wynn, Morley, Frances, of my bar stool perch where I had absorbed hundreds of magnificent silver gelatin prints under the skylight, and of the impact of it all on my life in photography."

    I hope you have an opportunity to visit Wildcat Hill. Be sure to ask Kim to show you Edward's darkroom.
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    Re: Kim Weston Nude Workshop

    I attended a six day "Nude in the Landscape" workshop with Cole in 1982 - great fun...and Cole was wonderful! Would love to meet Kim at some point.

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    Re: Kim Weston Nude Workshop

    Quote Originally Posted by Pieter View Post
    But there are a lot of dropouts from Dad Humor 101.
    Obviously graduates.

    -- Mike

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