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    Clueless in Scanatlte

    First, not a newcomer to scanning. Been doing so intensively for more than twenty years.
    Complete scanning of 9 of 14 years of photos from a horse race track. approx 15k.
    Took an eight month break.
    Began one of the years (1973), with the years on each side (1972 & 1974) previously complete and good quality.
    I'm used to variations and adjustments in procedures and quality.

    In the race finish scenes, I'm getting severe darkness (approx then half the pic is with the grandstand in the background and for these years, it's normal for most of that to be black (lights are turned off while the races are ongoing)).
    After saving as TIF (scans are at 2400 DPI for A120s) (changing film type or speed (all have been tried) does not improve).

    I've spent hours trying to eliminate the darkness.
    Changed all settings I'm aware of.
    Changed negative arrangements.
    Even tried different scanner (same brand an model).
    I'm not one-tenth through this year.

    The film type (bottom) just says Kodak Safety Film (no number).
    These negatives were stored badly for decades, however think I should get similar quality as surrounding years.

    Anybody see anything or have any suggestions?
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