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Thread: Sinar Copal Shuter trigger cable problems

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    Sinar Copal Shuter trigger cable problems

    Today I obtained two Sinar cameras, both of which come with Copal shutters and the associated cables. I also had one Silvestri cable release, which is designed as a replacement for the Sinar cable. However, the Silvestri cable seemingly seized up after less than a dozen activations in camera. One of the cables which came with the cameras was already seized, and the one which I was able to get to work (although I had to withdraw the activator manually) has also now failed, with a bit of wire poking out of the side!

    So, I have three dead cables, one apparently properly broken, and the other two of unknown status. Is there anything that can be done to try and un-seize these cables? They are so expensive, I would really like to get at least one working!


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    Re: Sinar Copal Shuter trigger cable problems

    Please ignore me, I have managed to get two of them going again.

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