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Thread: perfection camera 10/12 repairs

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    perfection camera 10/12 repairs

    thanks you LF for your response on my question regarding 10/12 film and dark slides.

    now that i know i can get it. i have this very special camera that i will like to recon.seen that i do not have a camera bigger than 8/10 inch.

    it is a perfection camera no319 marion and co london. it was toast when i got it but it is now looking far better with some hard work...

    where do i get these things made?

    1.there are things like bellows that will like to get newly made. to the exact size that i have.

    2.also the spring loaded ground glass backing for the 10.12 inc dark slides.

    i need to start making contact with the correct and most discerning lovers of there craft .

    i am in africa but hopefully i can get these projects done from here.

    thanks again for you special website.

    andrew barker

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    Scott Davis
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    perfection camera 10/12 repairs

    I don't know about the back with the ground glass, but about the best bellows manufacturer out there is . They're in England, and will custom-make any bellows to your specifications. Contact them for a quote. There are also a lot of websites out there with directions and patterns for making your own bellows, which is certainly the more economic option. Do a google search on "camera bellows patterns" and see what you can find. Best of luck! Post pictures of it as you make your progress.

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    perfection camera 10/12 repairs

    Richard Ritter should be able to make the back - just Google him.


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    perfection camera 10/12 repairs

    You can find Richard Ritter at

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