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Thread: Graflex SLR Issues Usage DIY & Improvements?

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    Re: Graflex SLR Issues Usage DIY & Improvements?

    My 4X5 Not D Graflex works as designed

    My two 2x3 Graflex are the problem

    However I now prefer 3x4 as best size, they also work fine

    I tinker a lot and always have, I also break rules

    No hurry now, time is moving quickly...

    Thank you

    Quote Originally Posted by Bolshoi View Post
    I guess your got the description of the "Drop curtain" wrong. Mirror does not close the exposing aperture, it opens it. , and fter the mirror is all the way up the shutter is closed (which ofc still requires you to have a functioning shutter).
    So you will have to have your curtain replaced anyway, without it the camera is completely useless. I was able to reproduce speed graphic curtains with black-out fabric and shutter struts cut ouf of brass, and could make you a new curtain cheaply. If you are interested, you may send me the broken curtains (for i do not have a template for 4x5 Super D).

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    Re: Graflex SLR Issues Usage DIY & Improvements?

    Ok, sorry, i got you wrong. Nice to know people still use 3x4. I personally too prefer my 3x4 Super D.

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