Hi all,

I am tempted to pull the trigger and buy a Heiland densitometer, probably the TRD 4. In spite of receiving excellent reviews, what makes me still reluctant to invest that much money is that I would use it 90% of the time on my 14x17 negatives. The arm extends only about 13cm (5.2in). If I do that math it turns out that the central part of the negative - about 3.6in x 6.6in - will not be reachable. If I am correct it is slightly more than 10% of the total area. But it is the one in the center. Would you consider that a deal-breaker?

The alternative is to put together a contraption with my spotmeter following the BTZS guidelines. Accuracy becomes so-so, but I can measure anywhere I want on the negative. Here in Europe the market for used densitometers is what it is (especially for reflection/transmission ones), and I am not going to take the chance with an *bay purchase: life is too short :-)