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Thread: Epson V850 work-around for scanning 5x7 negatives.

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    Re: Epson V850 work-around for scanning 5x7 negatives.

    Here's one done with the original Epson Scan program.

    Hay Rolls near Silverton, Oregon by Gary L. Quay, on Flickr

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    Re: Epson V850 work-around for scanning 5x7 negatives.

    Quote Originally Posted by Gary L. Quay View Post
    Thanks for your help!

    I was having some issues at the time with dust (it was 2013), but most of it on this scan was due to running an experiment to get rid of the lines. I placed it on a piece of glass kept a couple millimeters over the scanner glass to see if distance would help. I didn't spend time cleaning it because I didn't know if would work. The scratches weren't on the one that was done on just the scanner glass.

    So, I rotated the negative, and the lines rotated. I have had this issue with multiple films, both color and black and white, negative and slide, processed by me and processed by a lab. I scanned a 4x5 slide yesterday, and the sky area showed the same lines. I notice it most on areas where there is uniform tone, like skies, but the lines are throughout the negative or slide.

    I've been thinking about trying Silverfast ai 8 to see it that would help. I'm using Epson Scan 2. I went through my older scans the V800 before I had to stop using the original Epson Scan (it was 32 bit, and Apple went to 64 bit, and it stopped working), and the ones before I used Epson Scan 2 did not have the issue. I'll try to post one of those. Again, thank you for the help so far.

    My pleasure. Feel free to also contact me by PM if you have any issue in the future.

    Remember (case you don't do it): to always save files in TIFF 16 bits/channel, try to get all the histogram with manual exposure, the image may look dull, but then in Photoshop (or etc) you adjust contrast and by deformating the cuve in S you adjust toe/should, if images are important better doing in that way as you keek your choices for the edition.


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    Re: Epson V850 work-around for scanning 5x7 negatives.

    The final resolution to the lines in the scans issue I was having was that the while lid / transparency scanner needed to be replaced. It works fine now. I still haven't bought Silverfast, but I intend to in the near future.

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