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Thread: Lighting unit for photomacrography

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    Lighting unit for photomacrography

    Started to photograph a collection of small Indian artifacts for our local museum. For the larger objects like bowls, a small standard studio lighting setup worked out fine. But for photographing hundreds of smaller artifacts, needed to have a very controllable multi light setup in order to accentuate the surfaces and textures of each of the objects. Was able to acquire 2 Bogen Light Modulators, one working and one not. Combined both into one unit with the ability now to use up to 6 separate lighting sources, and a "background" lightbox under the object. Please forgive the out of alignment glass object stage, this was the first time I turned on the Bogen to see if everything was wired correctly and working. Still have to label the switches with their corresponding lamp heads. In addition also have two Nikon MKII fiber lighting units with dual fiber optic lights on each unit. For the work at the museum will be using a Nikon D850 with various macro lenses. After that can't wait to use the unit with my Nikon Multiphot to shoot 4x5s.
    Comments welcome.
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