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Thread: Will a Sinar DB lens Work With a Sinar Copal Shutter?

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    Will a Sinar DB lens Work With a Sinar Copal Shutter?

    I am new to Sinar cameras, so excuse me if my question sounds dumb...

    I recently got a Sinar P 8x10 camera from a friend and then I got a Sinar Copal Shutter so I could use my old barrel lenses that didn't have any shutters on them. That is working out great.

    I am wanting to know if the new Sinar DB lenses will work with the Sinar Copal Shutter?

    Also, can anyone confirm if the Sinar Copal Shutter will also fit on the smaller 4x5 cameras too?

    Thanks in advance.


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    Re: Will a Sinar DB lens Work With a Sinar Copal Shutter?

    "Yes" to all the questions.
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    Re: Will a Sinar DB lens Work With a Sinar Copal Shutter?

    Thanks Peter!

    Quote Originally Posted by Peter De Smidt View Post
    "Yes" to all the questions.

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    Re: Will a Sinar DB lens Work With a Sinar Copal Shutter?

    Sinar shutter appeared in several variations. Original Sinar Norma shutter was Swiss made (Sinar green), does not work with DB lenses, does fit all Sinar front standard frames or 4x5 rear frames.

    The Copal Sinar appeared with the DB shutter system. There were several variants made, some with flash sync not removable, later ones had a connector for the flash sync cord and mostly black. There was also a variant made with a f4 aperture scale instead of the common f5.6 aperture scale, they have the same shutter opening size just the aperture scale was different and was intended for lenses like DB mount 90mm f4.5 Rodenstock Grandagon.

    The Sinar Copal shutter with DB mount lenses works on Sinar Norma to Sinar P2, X and all Sinar cameras with that frame size regardless of film format size.

    Sinar also made a Electronic Digital shutter that could be used stand alone or with their "Expolux" metering probe system. Rather nifty but complex system. Properly set up and used it is quick and effective at behind the lens spot metering coupled to the shutter and lens aperture settings. These systems were designed and intended and does help reduce time require in studio per image, per sheet of film.

    DB mount lenses came in more than one variant. The most common being the no aperture scale plain barrel version with it's aperture controlled by the shutter. Sinar also made a DB mount with an aperture scale allowing the lens aperture to be set manually or by the shutter.

    Link to Sinar shutter and related info:

    As a view camera system, Sinar has no equal for flexibility and ability to be configured to VC image making needs due to how the modular camera can be set up as needed.


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