I'm a long-time customer of Carol Futot at Flutot's Camera Repair, but as most here will know, she is caring for her husband, who is ill, and is not accepting as much work as she used to.

Like everyone else, I'm always looking for a reliable shutter repair person, and recently found Mike Trost, in Topeka, Kansas, whom I had not heard of before.
I sent him a badly gummed-up Seikosha shutter (from a Fuji 150mm f6.3); he CLA'd it and I had it back in a little over one week.

It works great now, and his charge was at the low end of the shutter CLA charges that I've paid.

His Youtube series, called "Fix Old Cameras," describes simple repairs on different kinds of cameras.

He has a web site, Phototronic.biz. His phone number is (785) 233-0231. He doesn't publicize his email address, but will communicate by email if you are a customer. I asked if he would mind if I posted his name here and he said that was fine, but that I should mention that he is one guy, not a vast repair department, and his workload and turnaround varies.

I'm not related to him in any way, just a satisfied customer.