Hi LF!

So I'm new to LF photography, I've worked a lot with 35mm and 120mm in the past and recently did a wet plate workshop which has completely reignited my hunger for photography.

While I would love to jump in and start pouring 8x10 plates I've read a large number of threads on here and realise that the sensible place to start is 4x5.

Budget - 800 or $1000

I'll be shooting almost exclusively wet plate and my interest lies in portraiture and some still life, but mainly portraiture.
What do you think is a good camera/lens combination to start me off?

I've found a Sinar P2 coupled with a Rodenstock 180mm f/5.6 that falls within budget or I could have a 4x5 tailboard camera made up for around 600?

Are there any big advantages to having a monorail over a tailboard camera?

Thank you all in advance!