I started a thread this Monday. Because of work I had not been able to go back to it.
I appreciate the comment of every person that has contributed to it.

Not only I appreciate the help in that thread, I also appreciate immensely the given
help since I became a member of this forum.

Your answers and comments contribute in an immeasurable way! You may not realize
by how much, but if I may, if you allow me, I'll they'll you a bit.

LF photographers, or people doing LF photography are rare. So, you are helping
someone learn and receive information about this very specific medium. That is

Learning and receiving information that one may unfortunately not find everywhere. That's
why before embarking myself in learning about LF photography, I wanted to see if there was
a place on the internet where my doubts about LFP could be dissipated. I was very lucky to
find this very forum. I am very grateful that there is this forum and I am also extremely
grateful for all the help I have received!

There have been people who have very kindly responded to my posts, as well to my
direct messages. I am also very grateful to have found a lot of information to read in
older threads written by many forum members. All these are threads with phantastic
information about LF photography and related matters.

The reason for people doing LF photography, seems to me, has a quite precise or
specific purpose. For me, it is for documentation and archival of the photo project
I may engage in. The 4x5" negative is very large and allows for the 'recording' of
a lot of information. Being sheet film, it can be scanned as many times as wished,
if the digital file gets lost or damaged.

I live in a town where no other person is currently engaged with LFP. The closest to me
where other people may be doing LF photography is about one thousand miles from where
I am. (I don't know of anyone there, but I assume someone is doing LFP as it is a large

That's why I really appreciate your help : ) !!!

As I acquire knowledge, I may make mistakes with my posts. I appreciate and I thank you
for your patience too!

Very kind regards!


P.S. In February I started a thread about my interest with regard to certain focal lengths:
65, 75, 135 and 240mm.

Since then, after recently exchanging a private message with a forum member, I have
realized my mistake when choosing focal lengths and I have changed my interest to other
focal lengths:
90, 105, 180mm and a focal length - undecided yet - between 240mm. and 300mm.

This change of mind is due to the fact that I no longer would be dividing LF focal lenghts
by '3', but by '4'.

So I get focal lengths that are (almost) equivalent to 21, 25, 45, and any other between 60-75mm.
in 35mm. format.

By the way, do you divide by '3' or by '4' when choosing a focal length?

By '3', (approximately):

By '4', (approximately):

Is it ok if I made a mistake when posting back in February?

Is it ok if I continue my post from Monday? My intention has never
been to disrespect, hurt, or do any wrong to any forum member.

My only interest is and has been to learn! Thank you again : ) !!!

Post started this Monday: