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Thread: please help identify 8x10 neg. carrier parts

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    please help identify 8x10 neg. carrier parts

    Hi All, I recently got a Durst L184 with a CLS1840; my god what a beast... but, I digress.

    I'm looking for help identifying this random assortment of negative carriers. Can you help?

    Lower left is the Durst Laraneg; upper left is most (?) of a Condit 10x10 neg carrier that came attached to the L184. It has one piece of glass (not shown).

    The middle 2 are parts of the Durst Laraneg.

    I don't know what the right three pieces are - do you?

    I don't believe any of these 3 systems are complete. So I'm looking for parts to complete an 8x10 neg carrier system. I'd be willing to sell or trade the unnecessary parts if you need them.

    Thanks, Peter
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