I don't know if this will be of any interest, but I just purchased a mid 2010 Mac Pro computer. I'd been using a years (and years) old Mac Book Pro, and the drive finally gave out.

So, why old hardware? I'm using legacy software for color management (the old PM5 by Gretag) and for a ColorBurst RIP and needed to run Snow Leopard (10.6). It was also inexpensive at $600. It would cost me $1000'nds to replace this software with current versions, and both meet all of my needs.

Being easy to customize a Mac Pro, I'm running High Sierra on one disk drive, and Snow Leopard on another. I can choose either environment at boot. It was a bit tricky getting this all set up. For example, we had to find a copy of 10.6.4 or later just to get it to boot with the latest firmware updates. 10.6.3 that Apple still sells on a bootable disk didn't work. (Etc.)

I'm very pleased with this setup. Each drive is 500GB, and the system came with 16GBytes of core memory. I purchased this system from Free Geek, a local non-profit, and they provide a 6 month warranty. It's all "refurbished" stuff. After the warranty expires, I'll likely replace the two drives with new.