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Thread: Anyone use rainwater in the darkroom?

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    Re: Anyone use rainwater in the darkroom?

    Quote Originally Posted by mpirie View Post
    (though loaded with iron from the peat)
    Iron content in water is cited as a factor that decreases shelf life of Kodak Xtol, as Ascorbic is sensible for metall ions then iron may cause Xtol's sudden death.

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    Re: Anyone use rainwater in the darkroom?

    Rain water can be VERY different from distilled water and equivalent in large urbanized areas, including areas typically--usually--downwind of large urbanized areas. Precipitation "washes" the air column. I'd rather even use tapwater from any municipal source for rinses before using rain water downwind of, or in, large urban areas. What about those Air Quality Index numbers that are published in the newspapers?

    I'm not usually cynical--my glass is always half full--but using rain water for wet plate may just be for the "old tyme" appearance. There is nothing intrinsically better about using rain water; in fact, rather, its pH and chemistry can vary. How is it that lakes in the NE USA have become acidified? --it's due to the quality of precipitation over decades.

    So, for me, it depends on where you live. Some areas may have very (chemically) reliable precip.
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    Re: Anyone use rainwater in the darkroom?

    No rain, no water!
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    Re: Anyone use rainwater in the darkroom?

    I was out today shooting wet plate today, out of the back of my Subaru Forester. I shot a couple more tins than I thought and ran out of water. It's been raining or snowing about every three days all year long and there are vast pools of water everywhere. I broke the thin ice on a convenient pool, filled a half gallon container, and kept shooting. FJ Haynes would have been proud.

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    Re: Anyone use rainwater in the darkroom?

    yeah but its very rare. walmartone But I love this.
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