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Thread: Found a new way to screw up...

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    Found a new way to screw up...

    I was going through some boxes that have been in the basement since we moved 4 years ago, and found five 4x5 holders and a box of Forte 400 film. The film expired in 2005 and I have no idea when I loaded the holders, so I emptied them to put the holders back in rotation.

    The picture shows what I found in not one, but two of the compartments.
    The black paper is very thin, tissue-like, and even has code notches like the film.

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    Re: Found a new way to screw up...

    Ha! A mistake we all have made. At least those of us who have used film packaged like that. Luckily it's a mistake you only make once.

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    Re: Found a new way to screw up...

    I wish it was only made once. T^here was a time whenall sheet film was packaged with interleaving. Sometimes conditions, atmospheric I think, were such that the paper stuck so tightly to the film that it was too easy to overlook it.

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