So like a recent thread, I've been shooting and developing for sometime... 35mm but mostly MF of late. Lured into 4X5 LF, I picked up an Arca Swiss Model B and a couple of lenses a while back. Haven't had the chance to use the kit because we've moved and I'm still getting all set up in the space for developing, storage, printing, etc. and everything else again. (Whoever said moving was easy?) Want to say that I'm encouraged to see that many recommend a monorail for beginners... as that plays to my song sheet here. While I'm in no rush to go elsewhere... I am kind of wondering whether I might have jumped too soon, and (like so many on entering LF), picked up the wrong first LF camera. But as they say, "You have to start LF to know what's right and wrong for you" and that's in truth, still to come.

So please don't misunderstand why I ask the following in terms of looking at lighter weight field type cameras. No more buckaroos exiting Ft. Knox local deposit box here for quite a while. LF is confusing from the outside, but I've got a few of the standard books and I'm game to learn.

But I look at the lighter weight options and wonder whether - down the road if LF works for me, whether I might find myself looking for a field camera or not. I'm a guy who likes to walk with a camera. Some interesting reviews here. But not listed on the start page is Chamonix, Intrepid and Chroma... which are more contemporary options. Of these three, the Chamonix is the pricey end, but has a rep for high quality. Then again, they've also got a confusing number of models from F2 to H1, HS1, N1 and N2. Wow. I'm confused enough about LF, let alone wading through that mine field without a guide. By contrast, Intrepid and Chroma have only choices by size.

Does anyone else think Chamonix's site seems to assume you already know what or why you like one versus another? or is that just me?