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I thought it might be easier to show and not tell. Apologies for the noisy iPhone pic. This is my set up for scanning sheet film. The window behind has a blind that comes down to mask all light by the way.

You can see my simple cut out mask for 4x5, my lens has a hood on it of course, and you can see the distances my ANR platform is from the Kaiser panel. This distance is important as it blurs any surface issues on the panel itself. Those kaisers scratch so easy, and they show up if you just lay your original on the light.

No need IMO to sandwich your film. Sheet film does not really curl all that much, and very curly sheets (rare) can simple be weighted or taped at the edges. I hardly ever have to do this, and viewing my extreme edges at 100% of a 155mp file still shows good sharpness. Because dust is always possible I like to reduce possible surfaces.

If you don't care about scanning edges, my vote would be to just use negative carriers from enlargers. Just make sure to make a platform for them that holds them a few inches above the light. This is a super easy solution that will definitely work. Enlarger carriers are everywhere on the bay, and it should be easy to make some feet for one to hold it up a good distance. I scan my 120 film using Bessler carriers. Negative Supply is making a 120 carrier though, and when that comes out I will use it.

My ANR platform was a custom make for me from a friend.

Thanks so much for this!

Just two quick questions about the film holder, if I may, just so I get everything right:

1.) Is there a particular recommended distance between the ANR platform from the Kaiser panel, or could it be any relatively small distance?

2.) Would it be easiest/cheaper if I just bought these two holders (made for the Epson V850) that have ANR glass, and put DIY legs on them with rubber feet (so as to not scratch the Kaiser panel?)
(The 4x5 holder costs $26 and the 120 MF holder costs $39)
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