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Thread: Water Quality for c41?

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    Question Water Quality for c41?

    I'm gearing up to try my hand at c41 development with my SP-445, a plastic tub and a sous vide heater and I have a few questions regarding water quality (TDS). First some background, my tap measures ~500 TDS and I have a serious RO/DI setup (intended for a saltwater fish tank) which provides me with 0 TDS water.

    1. What impact does high TDS water have on negatives?
    2. Because of the ~5ml carryover using the SP-445, I plan on doing a rinse between each bath (after the stop). Would it be acceptable to use my RODI to mix my chemistry, RODI for the pre-soak, the 500 TDS tap for the rinse steps and then finish off with a 0 TDS rinse? Or do I need to use RODI for every step?

    I'd really like to use my tap as much as possible in order to simplify the process and reduce the amount of water I need to heat, but I'll do what needs to be done to get decent results!


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    Re: Water Quality for c41?

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