I've worked as a photographer for nearly 15 years, but that has been entirely digital until this year, when I played about with medium format. But I'm very keen to take up large format, which I think offers that something extra that I've been looking to add to my photography.

I'm looking for something for portraiture and landscapes. I've been watching videos and reading as much as possible, and I know there's a huge amount to learn - and that it may not be as easy to learn as digital/MF were, given that this equipment isn't used as widely and that there are fewer sources of information. But I am keen to simply get started, and so I thought I'd see if someone can recommend a camera (and lens) that would be suitable.

I am not wealthy, so I will be buying used and I certainly won't be buying the best. But I am looking for a camera/lens combination that does either 4x5 or 8x10. I don't mind using something old and tatty (as long as the bellows are good and it works of course). Weight isn't hugely important. I can deal with considerable inconvenience - as long as I can get the results. I would need to be able to get some tilt. My only real concern is image quality and flexibility. I only want to have my cake and eat it, how hard can that be?

I've been looking at some of the cheaper Graflex 4x5 cameras, or perhaps a Toyo, but I'm open to absolutely anything. However, as I say, my budget is low. At the moment, my absolute maximum is £250/ $465 US. I appreciate this doesn't buy you a lot, and that I may have to scout around a bit, or wait for something cheap to come up on eBay.

I would be very grateful for any advice you can offer on what might suit, or what compromises I might have to make.