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Thread: Hi from arnhem

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    Lightbulb Hi from arnhem

    Hello all.

    I joined this group as I hope to find some help and info so i can finish my ULF camera build.

    I an 50 years old, live in Arnhem, the Netherlands and I shoot mainly Chemical film, from half frame, 24x24 Robot, 135 film (pentacon fm, minox 35 gt, rollei 35, KMZ Horizont, Praktica Super TL and other M42 type camera's) , 120 film (Yashica Mat, Mamiya RB67 and Voightlander bessa), 9x12 on a old folable, 4x5 on speed graphic w. Aero Ektar and 13x18 on a very early Super Techna from Technica Hengelo (later Cambo).

    besides that i also tinker and hack old computer equipment, Old synthesizers and actually everything usefull.

    Oh, and i drive a 1994 Citroen BX station wagon with its own quirks.

    my experiments can be seen on flickr:

    I will make another posting on my ULF project in the proper sub-group.

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    Re: Hi from arnhem

    Welcome! Good place for help!
    Philip Ulanowsky

    Sine scientia ars nihil est. (Without science/knowledge, art is nothing.)

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    Re: Hi from arnhem

    Hallo MacSimski

    Nice to know there are more people in the Netherlands creating LF films.

    Welkom vanuit Zwijndrecht (NL)

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    Re: Hi from arnhem

    Welcome aboard!

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    Re: Hi from arnhem

    Somehow I missed you

    Welcome, I once drove nothing but $100 cars, not so easy these days.

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    Re: Hi from arnhem

    Hello, my name is Yuriy. I live in Kiev, Ukraine, but my doughter study in Arnhem, HAN University and I have been to Arnhem several times :-)
    2018-10-28 Голландия011-01web by Yuriy Sanin, on Flickr

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