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Thread: Apo Lanthar 4,5/150

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    Apo Lanthar 4,5/150

    Hello everyone!

    I just bought a Linhof Technika with multiple lenses, my question is about the 'legendary' Voightländer 4,5/150:
    The shutter of this lens is broken, and so I am wondering if it's worth the costs of a repair.
    What is the price in the market for this lens? [optics of the lens =OK]
    Is there a way to fix it myself?
    I also have a Schneider Xenar 4,5/150, is the quality of this lens equal to the voightländer?


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    Apo Lanthar 4,5/150

    The Apo-Lanthar is a classic lens with a high value, both as a collectible and as a usable lens, and it is much better than a Xenar. It is absolutely worth repairing the shutter.

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    Apo Lanthar 4,5/150

    The Apo Lanthar is a high demand item and the cost of shutter repair would easily be justified.

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    Apo Lanthar 4,5/150

    The 150mm Apo-Lanthar was the second lens I owned when I went to large format and I was spoiled. You will love the colour rendition of this lens. It has a "character" to it that is great for skin tones, in my opinion. Also, with old eyes like mine, the f/4.5 is really wonderful. Get it fixed and never sell it.

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