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Thread: Shen Hao HZX 45-F

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    Shen Hao HZX 45-F

    I just came across this camera but can not find any reviews on it, has anyone here used this model before? I contacted Badger and they sell them by special order at over $1800 plus shipping! I found one for sale on eBay from a seller called “ecbuyonline2008” they claim to be the overseas agent. But I have not seen any information on them. Does anyone recommend them, at $3/400 cheaper and faster arrival date than Shen Hao’s 2-3 week estimate.

    For mainly landscapes and traveling, sometimes in windy conditions, I’m looking at this camera(HZX 45-F) or the TZ45-ii C
    This company has both for sale on their eBay site.

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    Re: Shen Hao HZX 45-F

    Never bought a camera from them, but got a few lens boards, cable releases and the like from them during the past year.
    No problem so far. Seems reliable to me.


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    Re: Shen Hao HZX 45-F

    Two points here - most of my 4x5 wood cameras are Chamonix but I did buy a Shen Hao 45 HZX II from a Forum member for about US$750-850 or so. Excellent design & build, used it just this last week on vacation (car travel). Point Two, I am a frequent buyer from ecbuyonline and they have solid merchandise & great service. Never bought an entire camera from them but they are sending me a replacement bellows, custom-measured, for my Kodak No. 2 in Full Plate (odd bird that). Jukie is a good communicator & other than the pace of international shipping (beyond anybody's control) they are one of my go-to sources.

    If you are patient, just check out the Classified ads on this forum. Eventually, just about anything & everything turns up--alfredian

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