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Thread: New Book: Flavr Film Lovers Analogue Visual Reference.

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    New Book: Flavr Film Lovers Analogue Visual Reference.

    Found this announced via Freestyle a couple months ago.

    From the site:
    FLAVR, a portable visual reference using photographic film stocks both past and present. Take the guess work out of evaluating exposure, contrast, dynamic range and tonal graduation for one hundred different films. FLAVR... THE film lovers analogue visual reference.

    The overriding principle employed in this project was to ensure each and every image remained the same with the exception of the film stock. The camera, lens, model, studio and exposure per film ISO are identical, thus giving the best results for comparing one film to another.

    FLAVR... The perfect companion for your next roll of film.

    Available in hardcover or ebook.

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    Re: New Book: Flavr Film Lovers Analogue Visual Reference.

    It appears that a crop, a full-frame, and a contact sheet of of 3 bracketed frames (3rd image) of each 35mm film are included. Of the films I checked, all the contact sheets were underexposed, clearly showing a dark gray -- perhaps a low Zone III -- at the film edge instead of a near black. They appear consistent, at least. It's hard to judge grain due the compression used for the images. It may be useful for some.
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