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Thread: Irfanview image viewer - colour management

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    Irfanview image viewer - colour management

    Hi all, it seems that irfanview is off kilter or maybe i never fully noticed but there is a massive difference between the image viewer and photoshop on B/W images / scans - screenshot is not colour managed but you can see the difference - 35mm scan - Hasselblad Grey...Irfanview is colour managed according to my settings - use monitor profile
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    Larger image - hope link works https://pinupmemories.files.wordpres...riet-russo.jpg

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    Re: Irfanview image viewer - colour management

    Irfanview is what I tell occasional picture takers to use 'cause it's free and decent with jpegs. But I wouldn't use it for critical work. I would stick with Photoshop for this kind of work.

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