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Thread: Lab for large digital (lightjet/lamda) C-Prints

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    Lab for large digital (lightjet/lamda) C-Prints

    Are there any labs in the US that can print lightjet or lamda over 48? Im working with a collection of 8x10 color negatives that have already been drum scanned and processes and lightjet/lamda would be perfect to print them but it seems everywhere in the US only can go to 48

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    Re: Lab for large digital (lightjet/lamda) C-Prints

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    Re: Lab for large digital (lightjet/lamda) C-Prints

    I used to work at Reed Photo in Denver, CO. They would be great for this printing.
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    Re: Lab for large digital (lightjet/lamda) C-Prints

    They're uncommon but a few labs do have Oc 500XL lightjet printers that can print up to 72 x 120 inches, namely Duggal and Laumont in NYC. Likewise I've heard that Ferrari Color and Coloredge have 72" lightjet printers but I'm not personally familiar with either. In Canada there is also ABC Photo in Vancouver which offers digital C-prints up to 72 x 120 inches using an Oc 500XL.
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