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Thread: New Book: Eleventyone Portraits 1841 to 1950

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    Re: New Book: Eleventyone Portraits 1841 to 1950

    I received my copy of the book two days ago. It is a beautiful book with plenty labor of love. It reminds me of Ansel Adams book Examples.

    Having read through three pictures so far and I have the feeling of being transported into the early days of photography through the author's eyes. What a pair of eyes: cool, observant and not a tiny bit of details of the image escapes his description. Of course here and there, he shows us things we don't normally see as I think he uses his imaginations a little bit. That's inevitable because he loves these images.

    I feel so lucky to have ordered this book and I surely will learn quite a lot about photography from its historical and technical aspects. Especially portrait photography.

    If you want to get one book in 2020, order this book.

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    Re: New Book: Eleventyone Portraits 1841 to 1950

    Here is another of my portraits in the book. This is of a man photographed by Gertrude Käsebier. Gertrude Käsebier is better known for her family and woman centric compositions but she was also a comercial photographer and in regard to this she did a series of "men of worth" for a magasine series.
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