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Thread: Chuck Close show at SF Moma - many photos

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    Chuck Close show at SF Moma - many photos

    I went to this show because I am a fan of Close's paintings; I was pleasantly surprised and intrigued to find that it also includes a number of photos, in a wide variety of techniques. Mostly Polaroid, some quite gigantic, but also laser prints mounted on aluminum (source, my guess, is scanned Polaroids), some daguerrotypes, and even a few holograms. The latter two techniques are executed at the highest level of refinement that I have ever seen. Frankly I have never before been impressed by daguerrotypes, but these are quite pristine and jewel-like.

    For those unfamiliar with his work, all images are head shots of the artist, over a 40-year period. And the paintings are much more interesting than the photos, but that is a topic for some other forum.

    An inspiring show, but save yourself $12.50 by going on the first Tuesday of the month, or at least save $6.25 by going on a Thursday evening...

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    Chuck Close show at SF Moma - many photos

    A good writer could make something of the observation that Close did mostly head-images, then became a quadrapalegic (by a horrible accident of nature). He is still working on collaborative works. I really like the scope of his work. When I saw the first gigantic painting in Minnesota I was shaken, and that's a good thing.

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