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Thread: Pin registration system preferences

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    Re: Pin registration system preferences

    Quote Originally Posted by interneg View Post
    can however apparently deliver an excellent hole with no blowout at 3.5mm, which is a reasonable size to make the shank of the off-centre pin compliant with.
    I don't see the problem, you may see in many videos how glass is smoothly perforated and smoothly cut: , but if they cant... no problem, if the pin is retained by the metal plating then the glass hole may be larger than the pin:

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    Quote Originally Posted by interneg View Post
    It's not going to be cheap,
    In my case, cutting the two glasses will be under $20, I often rent that machine for some $200/h, and if you see the videos this can be done in less than 5min.


    This is my reviewed design, the idea is placing a punched sandwich and then tensioning the left plate before tightening the (not shown) bolts, so the good inter pin distance will be adjusted:

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Re: Pin registration system preferences

    That glass is about 60% thicker & is having a considerably different machining operation done - the thickness of the glass is apparently quite important for successful water cutting & the quantities cut relative to acceptable final pieces is also important. The video mentions neither of these, yet every supplier I've spoken with has taken the time to explain that these are important factors.

    More importantly, the design of the punch is far more critical to the success of the whole system than too many moving parts in the pinned glass. You want to be able to permanently lock down the pinned glass to match the punch - thus the epoxy'd in off-centre pins in the Condit approach.

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