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Thread: lens prices

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    lens prices

    Hi all,

    Some how, i found these lens and i am trying to sell them in ebay
    I have a very short knowledge of LF lens, so please help me to find out more about these lens and their prices.
    1) Ilex Paragon Anastigmat F4.5 8 1/2" with No.4 Acme Ilex Compur Shutter

    2)Kodak Wide Field Ektar F6.3 190mm wih No.4 Acme Synchro Compur Shutter

    3) Ilex Acutar F6.3 305mm with No.4 Acme Synchro Compur

    I just want to know if these are worth of keeping or selling, and how much they cost


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    lens prices

    Dear Sean,

    A pretty good way to find out the value of an item is to do a search on eBay for completed items of the same type.

    Your Kodak lens is the most desirable of the three, condition being the same in all.

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    lens prices


    Try them out. I suspect that if they are in good condition and the shutters work then they would perform nicely on a 5x7. I've got the 8-1/2" Ilex lenses on my 5x7. They don't bring much on eBay---less than $100 in working shutters. I'd say the 190mm WF Ektar would give you loads of coverage as would the 305mm Acuton. The Acuton would be the equivalent of a COmmercial Ektar but would probably bring in a little less that the Commercal Ektar at auction(I don't know why---they are "sleepers") probably $350-450. IMHO if I could keep only one, it would be the WF Ektar. The wide field ektars are wonderful.
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    lens prices

    I bought a similar 305 Ilex in Acme for only $102 a couple of weeks ago, so prices on "sleepers" are very low, especially going into winter when demand is lower. The best strategy is to offer a very detailed description and excellent photos, offer a ten day auction that starts on a Thursday night so it covers two NON holiday weekends, ending around 11pm on a Sunday night East Coast USA Time, and start with no reserve, no Buy it Now, at only $1. That works for me and a lot of others - maximum exposure and the least fees.

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    lens prices

    thanks for the detailed infos
    It really helped


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