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I once switched to non-RS TMax developer for sheet film due to difficulties getting RS. Even with distilled water I somehow managed to get dichroic fogging.....YMMV
Hi Phil
That's because the non rs formula is not made for sheet film. Back when tmax developer came out I was directed by someone at the Kodak pro help line to use the non rs developer by mistake
and it didn't give me dichroic fogging right away but only after about a box of film, and sadly when I was using it for a job. The good folks at Kodak told me to toss the film and denied ever telling me to use the developer
it was a real lovely situation... I'm local so I called Paul Krot at Sprint Systems and he me mix farmer's reducer using his fixer and putting the film back in my hangers and soaking the sheets 1 at a time until the fog was eaten away.
if you still have fog on your sheets ( and didn't toss them as I was directed to do ) its worked OK. I think the formula I was told was 1 plastic 35mm can of ferri +1Lof water, and 2+8 of Sprint Speed Fix..
The funny thing is, it was kodak's own farmer's reducer packets I was told to buy, and kodak's finest didn't even know to use it. In the end i have never used their tmax or rs developer ever again, and I never missed it.
I still use Sprint Chemistry when I don't use Coffee Based stuff and Ansco 130. Their developer is formulated in a way that when you develop for extended amounts of time
it doesn't block up your highlights, and their fixer is fantastic. Paul and Marlaine at Sprint are the nicest people I have ever met.