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Thread: Horseman 45FA/HD/HF and 75mm lens

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    Horseman 45FA/HD/HF and 75mm lens

    Here's a question for Horseman 4x5 field camera owners. I think I know the answer based on incidental comments that have appeared in various threads over the years, but I'd like to be sure: can a 75mm lens be used on the Horseman 45FA/HD/HF cameras without getting the focusing bed in the picture? Assume the front standard is set for zero rise and the back is oriented for horizontal pictures (yes, I know the HF is fixed in horizontal).

    If the answer is no, how much front rise is needed to be in the clear? I realize there will be minor differences across 75's because of variation in the actual vs marked focal length and in the flange-to-film specification, so if you can say which 75 you've used that would also be helpful.

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    Re: Horseman 45FA/HD/HF and 75mm lens

    I found this print from the first set of negatives exposed using my Horseman FA and a 75mm lens. I don't have the original negative at my disposal right now, but from the off-center image circle I see that I had to crop out the lower part of the negative due to the focus bed showing. I did not do any front rise at the time because I missed it. That is I did not closely inspect the top of the GG because I use the focus hood, so the presence of the focus bed in the negative was unexpected.

    The next image of the bridge is the same Horseman FA with the 65mm lens on 4x5 film. In that case, I have dropped the bed. Not only is that lens full coverage, with the bed dropped, the full frame can be used.

    Click image for larger version. 

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    Click image for larger version. 

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    Re: Horseman 45FA/HD/HF and 75mm lens

    Lenses usable on Horseman 45 Field Cameras:


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