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Thread: Sinar P shutter problems

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    Sinar P shutter problems

    I just bought a Sinar P, and i was testing it, and the shutter fired fine for a few times, but it just stoped fireing, i try everything, like taking of the lens, whith or whitouth the film holder, it just fired sometimes, but most of the time it just dont fire! what is the problem, and what juld i do to resolvit! Hope you can help me! Thanks
    Grretings from Portugal

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    Sinar P shutter problems

    Hello Ricardo,

    Have you checked that the right cable is going to the correct hole? I assume you're using the spring shutter with the other cable that closes the shutter when a film holder is put into the camera back. It's a great camera, I hope you get it up and running. The P is my main squeeze. :-)

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    Sinar P shutter problems

    Yes, i've tried all diferent ways! i don know what to do more!

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    Sinar P shutter problems

    You have of cource lifted the red metal-handle on upper left hand side of the shutter to the upper position to close the shutter before activating the mechanism? In lower position - never activate the cable release as the shutter is in open-viewing-position-only!.

    When red handle is lifted & locked in position, shutter is closed & ready for exposure. Each time you press the long-throw cable release, the activation turns a large metal ring around the shutter opening circumference. The ring is inside the mechanism, so you don't see it unless you remove the four screws on main panel (one in each corner og lift off cover (no problem, but don't do it if you are not used to a little mechanics)). When lubrication gets bad, the ring may fail to return back to zero position, where it have to be before you can trip the shutter for the next time! If lucky, careful operation now & then loosens it, othervice you may have to open the shutter (send to service or do yourself) & clean off sticky lube from the circumference with Q tips & alcohol. The other possibility is that you have a bad cable release: old or abused cable releases can loose some millimetres of throw due to increased flex, and thus no longer being able to trip the shutter. Even new shutter releases needs nearly all the throw the release can give to be able to trip the shutter. It's easy to see if this is the problem by tripping the shutter with a long slender screwdriver or other thin steel object fitting the hole for the cable release - pushing slowly until shutter i stripped. Keep direction the same as cable release, but do it on your own risk. I have tested my Sinar-Copal shutter many times this way w/o problem. Also remember that the cable release for tripping the shutter is attached to the side of the shutter. The cable for communication with camera back is on the underside of the shutter....

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    Sinar P shutter problems

    i think i've reached the problem, when i lift the red handle, sometimes a litle metal thing inside the shutter hole apears, but most of times, dont apear! maybe is bad lubrification! what shuld i use to lubrificate? thanks

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    Sinar P shutter problems

    I don't quite get it: when you lift the red handle, the shutter shall close completely due to the four big black metal leafs forming the shutter slidning inn from all sides & closing the shutter aperture entirely. If you lift the red handle, and this is not happening - the shutter seems to be stuck (old lube). If you on the other hand is talking about the cable-release hole ("shutter hole") , then you have the problem I mentioned in the previous post - slow return of the large shutter-activating ring. If this is the case, you may be able to clean of old lube yourself with q-tips & alcohol. Only the metal surface the ring is riding on & the ring is to be cleaned. Now, if you manage to remove lube, put on the shutter cover, raise the red lever to close the shutter (NEVER activate shutter with lever down/shutter in open position: lot of energy put into the mechanism but no opening/closing load to slow it down so much strain on mechanical parts) , and try if action is OK & repeatable. Now, if you intend to use the shutter as amateur only - a hundred or so shots a year maybe, I would not have lubed the shutter. If you want to lube it anyway, get some watch oil and apply one ekstremely tiny drop in the gap between ring & base at a few points around circumferense of the ring.

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    Re: Sinar P shutter problems


    I have a nice Sinar P set here. But, I think there is a issue with the shutter?
    It hasn't been used for 10+ years, before that heavy (studio) use by a professional.
    The issue is that the releasing the shutter is extremely heavy. I found this thread, and opened up the cover. A tiny drop of watch oil in the release cable got rid of a lot of tension. A tiny drop in the sliding mechanism got rid of friction feeling when the shutter is in Bulb.
    But, when I set the timer to 1/60th (or any other) it's so heavy I have to put quite some force with my thumb to get the ring going round till the end. I've looked carefully, it doesn't seem to damage anything.
    I can't figure out where the friction comes from. I've put a couple of tiny drops of watch oil around the ring, that doesn't change anything. It could be the spring that seems quite tense already in 'rest' position, but that would mean it's supposed to be this heavy?

    I can't imagine this to be the case, would it?

    Here is a short video.
    There is no 'thingy' on the thumb-side of the release cable so I'm using a coin now, otherwise it really hurts my thumbs. Actually I wouldn't be able to do it, that much force is needed.

    I hope somebody here can help figuring out what the problem is, thanks!!


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