I am looking for ideas on how to setup and optimise a small workspace (approx 2m x 1m corner area from a larger 3x3 room with 2.4m ceiling height). I would like this area to have desk space with computer and screen as well as scanner. Ideally it should also have storage for various LF lenses, filters, camera, negatives, some books and other general accessories).

I realise a lot depends on the gear dimensions and need for accessibility, but I figured it would be great to see how others in general arrange their workspace, and what have they found works best.

Overall it might be useful in general to share and tap into some ideas, regardless of whether or not it fits into my own dimensions.

i.e. Please feel free to post photo’s, sketches, diagrams and ideas of any size workspaces for the benefit of the community. Especially if you have found something that works a charm for a specific purpose.

I look forward to seeing what comes through!