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Thread: Digitizing 5x4 Negative

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    Digitizing 5x4 Negative

    My APKNite company has just hired a photo man and he's requiring a new scanner for 5x4 negatives. I wondered if anyone can recommend a good one. I have used an Epson V370 for 35mm before, as it has a holder. As long as the scanner has rear illumination it should be fine, right?
    What do you guys use?

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    Re: Digitizing 5x4 Negative

    Epson V800 is fine.

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    Re: Digitizing 5x4 Negative

    Yes... you have the V800 and the V850. These are much better than the V370. For film BW&color negatives the V800 is fine.

    Just let me add that if having to scan color slides (Provia, Velvia, Ektachrome) then V850 is better because its bundled SilverFast software version includes Multi-Exposure, this is good to scan very deep shadows in some slides. You would need to upgrade (at some cost) the V800 software if wanting that feature.

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